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Angelique Medland

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Raku Collection

These pieces have been individually hand crafted and fired, giving each one a character of their own. they are fired by an ancient process called Raku,

The piece is placed into sawdust at just below 1000c to burn, leaving the carbon from the fire as well as the oxides in the glaze to imprint into the clay body. This leaves nature to decide the final result and means no two pieces are ever the same.

IMG_7150 oyster catcher set IMG_7160 IMG_7159 15873463_1184433054927398_8310181577876377986_n

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Angelique has been sculpting for many years and has exhibited her work in galeries and shops all over the south west , iexhibition in recent years  include The National Trust Cruel and Curious Exhibition,  and her own private exhibition at the Castle Bude

Commissions work

Angelique is available for a wide range of commission work to suit your brief, wether you are looking for  animal portrature or large or small  scale sculptural piece to accentuate a space, please contact Angelique directly to discuss your desires

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