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Bringing Pottery Skills Home

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What is Raku Welding Courses

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What Is Raku

It dates back to the ancient Japanese Tea Ceremonies.

Pots are quick fired in a kiln to around 1000c in around half an hour, they are taken out of the kiln with tongs and placed in sawdust and other combustable materials where they are allowed to burn.

At this point the process can be manipulated  and changed allowing you to really be part of the firing process. With no two pots coming out the same  nature and the elements are always having the final say! the whole  firing process is over in around only half an hour, with a finished pot glazed and ready to take home.

scrubbing off the black carbon to reveal the final work is very exciting!



Night Firings, small groups and 2 day Courses Available please go to "Pricing" for more information

More Info

Some are deprived of air after ignition (called a reduction chamber) which starves the flames of oxygen, the fire looks for an alternative ignition which it finds in pulling out the oxides that are of a high content in raku glazes, white glazes are sprayed with water to produce a blackend crazed affect, with different combustable materials producing different effects along with so many other firing techniques such as slip resist to experiment with  it can become a very addictive process :)

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